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Indian and Asian Photography in Slough

Anish Mistry is a well renowned and experienced photographer in Slough. Anish has been a graphic designer and photographer for over 8 years and has been commissioned for various Indian and Asian weddings and events across Slough.

Anish’s artistic approach means that he captures the beauty and essence of every moment whether it’s a religious Hindu, Sikh, Christian or Muslim ceremony or a lavish party. Anish has been commissioned as a photographer for many Indian and Asian weddings in Slough and in various venues across Slough. Anish also has a vast portfolio of Indian and Asian weddings on his Indian wedding photography website.

If you do like what you see please contact Anish for more details about your Slough wedding or event photography needs.

Anish Mistry Indian and Asian wedding photographer provides Indian wedding photography services to Slough and nationally across the UK.